What is DIGITAL FUTURE Funding?

DIGITAL FUTURE is India's first digital marketing online education system that allows you to make money every day along with digital marketing. It is run on a 5 × 5 matrix plan and has only 4 levels. It is based on the world famous Mobius Loop and Zee Technology systems.

DIGITAL FUTURE is a team crowdfunding and affiliate marketing system that provides help from affiliate marketing, up line, down line and cross line and you can get cash back within minutes after register.

DIGITAL FUTURE was launched on 12 July 2020.

Congratulations on making the right decision in your life, The DIGITAL FUTURE Funding Concept. You are connecting with a company that is going to make history in network marketing.


is crowdfunding legal in India at all?

Yes, it is. With platforms providing top-notch crowdfunding services in India to NGOs and individuals, crowdfunding is very much legal. However, it is the kind of crowdfunding that puts the law under question. SEBI’s consultation paper on crowdfunding released in 2014, recognizes 4 kinds of crowdfunding models: Social lending/Donation crowdfunding, Rewards crowdfunding, Equity Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Lending. While the first two (donation and rewards) are clubbed under community crowdfunding, the latter two (Equity and P2P Lending) fall under Financial Return crowdfunding (which is a point of contention). Let’s break down each kind of crowdfunding and its legal implications in India.

The Vision for DIGITAL FUTURE Funding

Our vision is to fulfill our destiny of DIGITAL FUTURE to become the definitive resource for accurate, factual and unbiased information within the digital marketing industry. Whether big or small, we will seriously assist all people in making them digital and successful people.


The Mission for DIGITAL FUTURE Funding

It is our passion that we support our customers in creating Digital India through digital marketing and create self reliant India and encourage people to help the nation....


The current era is the time of digital revolution, because from the object to the identity of the human being is also digitally transformed. Bar-coding about the information of a product or an Aadhaar card with a human-related identity is a contribution of the digital revolution somewhere. Now, when the entire abstract collection is being digitally recorded, then if you have not done enough publicity on this platform, then you can also be deprived of getting sufficient benefits.

In such a situation, DIGITAL FUTURE works as a perfect weapon for you to create a special identity in the digital world. Because the traffic of users in the digital world is creating new records every day. From the company to the political party and the leader-actor, everyone is in competition to get headlines through some way (Twitter, Facebook, blog, website, YouTube etc.). (Increase step digitally with DIGITAL FUTURE) Feature of DIGITAL FUTURE -

If you talk about the specialty of DIGITAL FUTURE, then this method, as it is in your budget, reaches a very large target. Also, you can also make the necessary changes if you need to keep the command of marketing in your hands and earn money from the first day. (SEO) Social media marketing (SMO) and email marketing are also the best channels for quick and effective communication with high conversion rate consumers. If just by creating a website, it is thought that the purpose is fulfilled, then it is not right to think that because the website is of no use unless the traffic of the users is there, then SEO and SMO help you in a proper way ..

Link building in digitalizing - Target users through email marketing, in which you can present your information according to your need through email marketing or social media. Also, apart from live chat, you can make your penetration among the target users by joining the queries forum.

The life of a human being is now saying the proverb of Bin Mobile Sub Soon. In such a situation, if you did not include this medium in your image building campaign to achieve your target, then you can be deprived of contacting a large section. Mobile is the means by which users surf the Internet the most today. Not only are there a plethora of people who invite on-line trading, but online traders are earning better than the operators of expensive shops.

Digital marketing greatly helps in increasing the brand value. Due to holding more category, brand becomes a topic of discussion and sharing by users also gives helpful publicity. There is also an option of rating etc. in digital marketing, which helps the users to get opinions about the content. Through DM or digital marking, positive and favorable reviews can attract the attention of target users. It is also in trend these days to express your opinion through social media page.

Better return on investment - DM or digital marking is also very helpful in terms of ROI i.e. Return of Investment, as it has all the packages of promotion from minimum to medium to your budget. Under the small level investment, where you can reach the users according to the package via email, web analytics gives complete information about how much the website ROI is.

Cost effective is also DM - Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to reach large users simultaneously and at the same time at a low cost. Just need better planning according to your budget, it gives you DIGITAL FUTURE. And DIGITAL FUTURE helps you a lot in planning, at a very low fee.

Compared to TV-newspaper, the all-pervasive extent of digital marketing is more beneficial in meeting your users, because while TV and newspapers keep limited reach, digital market can convey your message to users across the world. For example, it is only digital marketing that a businessman sitting in America is earning a lot of profit from the whole world without opening his center in other countries.

Such a facility gives you the DIGITAL FUTURE sitting at home and also gives you a chance to earn money.....